Month: March 2016

Bramham Park 5/10k


I just got an early bird email for the Bramham Park 5/10k run on 2 Oct 2016.

It is a mixed terrain 5 or 10k run around the grounds of Bramham Park and cheap to enter, especially this week! Here is an extract from the email.


We thought that you might like to know that the 2016 Bramham Park Fun Run for Cancer Research 5k & 10k has just opened and a 15% entry fee discount is being offered for one week starting from today.

The race is available to enter online on the following link:


Winter Series Results

The results are in…

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our very first Winter Series.  We had a total of 21 people taking part in at least one of the summer series events with Ian Spencer winning the award for taking part in the most number of events- 8 in total.  Well done Ian.   But the real winner of the series is Warren Allison who has performed across all the events and finished off with a great swim time to give him the win.  Sophie Millgate wins the ladies trophy and finished second overall – a great all rounder with some big improvements in her running, already a fantastic swimmer and now I hear the new queen of Roller Racing (see the facebook page for more on this).

Hopefully we’ll have news soon about a Summer Series too….

Position Last Name First Name Gender Total
1 Allison Warren M 123
2 Millgate Sophie F 114
3 Armstrong Glenn M 114
4 Derry Jo F 110
5 Spencer Ian M 107
6 Spavin Rob M 89
7 Hargrave Lynn F 88
8 Harris Linda F 78
9 Simpson John M 71
10 Pattinson Andrew M 45
11 Baxter Dave M 38
12 Oldfield Sally F 36
13 Sutcliffe Mike M 34
14 Wright Nick M 32
15 Allars Sarah F 29
16 Atkinson Sue F 17
17 Peacock Simon M 16
18 Hall Andrea F 16
19 Park Phillipa F 11
20 Butterworth Dan M 11
21 Reeves Wendy F 9
21 Dent Susan F 8


Top 3 Males

  1. Warren Allison
  2. Glenn Armstrong
  3. IanSpencer

Top 3 Females

  1. Sophie Millgate
  2. Jo Derry
  3. Lynn Hargrave

Swim Coaching is back…

CoachMorgThe Thursday night T3 coaching sessions have been a big success – thanks to all at Tadcaster Pool for making this happen and to Morg for giving his time to launch the activity.
As such we have decided to continue the coaching offered by Coach Morg on a weekly basis.

We will have 2 lanes reserved each Thursday evening.  One session will run from 8-9pm and another 9-10pm.

Participants will pay their normal entry fees to the pool either through direct debit, pre pay, Tadcaster Leisure Centre or pay on the door. The maximum participants is sixteen for each hour – so thirty two in total.

Morg has set up booking slots in his “mindbodyonline” application to allow us to book and schedule the coaching slots.  The sessions described are for Developing Triathletes and T3 Sub 8 Triathletes – the first group training from 8pm until 9pm and the second group from 9pm until 10pm. Each group has a maximum number of sixteen participants which Morg will control by limiting the number of places available on the “mindbody” application. As this will be a session specific booking participants will only pay for the sessions they can attend.

The new sessions commence this coming Thursday – 24th March. 



A Winter’s Trail – the results are in !

The T3 Winter’s Trail Running League finished in fine style on Sunday with a head to head race.

After the awful weather we seem to have had  on most of our Winter club challenges, it was a surprise to be out there in warm, sunny, spring conditions.   But for the purists, there was still plenty of ankle deep slippery mud on the way down to Cock Beck.

Perhaps it was the conditions, or perhaps we are more competitive then we like to admit (what – moi?), but the head to head racing saw big PB’s almost across the board.  Unfortunately we were robbed of some key players on the day, due to injuries and other commitments, but those who turned out smashed it !     Dave and Glenn again battled it out – with Glenn prevailing this time by 2 seconds in a very close finish.

And after crunching the numbers, our top 3 are:

1. Sophie

2. Dave

3. Ian

Congratulations to our top 3 and to everyone who turned out in all weather over the winter months.    Hopefully everyone got something out of it – other than mud under their toenails !

It is interesting to note that the points system that was cooked up to reward consistency, improvement and out and out speed seems by some fluke to have delivered on its aims.  Sophie and Ian have consistently PB’d over the 5 runs and Dave has been the fastest runner in 3 of the 5 months.

The course records are:

Glenn 41m54s

Jo 49m16s

Here are the tables for the March run and for the final standings.  That’s all folks !  Same again next year?


T3 Winter’s Trail
















Glenn Armstrong 41m54s 43m43s 15 10 25 50
Dave Baxter 41m56s 43m34s 14 10 24 48
Rob Spavin 44m33s 46m34s 13 10 23 46
Sophie Millgate 54m00s 57m19s 12 10 22 44
Linda Harris 54m40s 54m03s 11 0 11 22
Ian Spencer 56m16s 60m26s 10 10 20 40


T3 Winter’s Trail


  Name Current PB Time Nov Dec Jan Feb March Total
1 Sophie Millgate 00:54:00 8 17 18 20 44 107
2 Dave Baxter 00:41:56 15 10 15 15 48 103
3 Ian Spencer 00:56:16 6 16 17 19 40 98
4 Rob Spavin 00:44:33 12 11 14 13 46 96
5 Glenn Armstrong 00:41:54 14 14 0 14 50 92
6 Lynne Hargrave 00:57:19 7 18 19 21 0 65
7 Linda Harris 00:54:03 9 9 10 13 22 63
8 Jo Derry 00:49:16 10 12 11.5 0 0 33.5
9 Mike Sutcliffe 00:43:54 13 15 0 0 0 28
10 Nick Wright 00:48:29 0 13 13 0 0 26
11 Jon Simpson 00:53:18 0 0 11.5 0 0 11.5
12 Warren Allison 00:48:21 11 0 0 0 0 11

Swim Time Trial

We are now into the final weeks of the first T3 Winter Series

Its the 750m Swim Time Trial

Any Pool – Any Time

Post your times on the T3 Noticeboard at the pool or send them to

Times must be submitted by 20th March.