Winter’s Trail 25 Nov 2018
Opinion was divided on whether it was as shorts day or not……..

The Winter’s Trail Running League got off to a typically cold, windy, damp start with the scratch race on Sunday 25th November.   Despite that, there was a great turn out and nothing could stop Nik T posting a phenomenal new women’s course record and overall fastest known time !   Well done to Nik.   In her wake, there was some close racing. The provisional times  and points are in the table below.  If i have missed your time, please let me know via the WhatsApp group. 

The 2nd run will be a self-timed effort and should be completed on or before Sunday 13th January.   Please let me know your time via WhatsApp.


NovemberT3 Winter’s Trial
PositionName Nov TimePoints
1Nik Tarrega00:40:2955
2Glenn Armstrong00:43:1129
3Richard Tarrega00:43:1428
4Dave Baxter00:43:2627
5David I’Anson00:46:0526
6Nick Wright00:47:4625
7Ben Jackson00:47:5024
8Sophie Milgate00:51:2523
9John Simpson00:51:2722
10Ian Spencer00:51:4021
11Andrew North00:51:4920
12Sarah Allars00:53:1419
13Dave Parkingson00:54:1518
14Julie Smith00:54:2917
15Linda Harris00:54:3416
16Simon Peacock00:54:5315
17Robin Jones00:57:3414
18Rob Spavin00:58:4213
19Andrea Hall01:19:1212



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