The results are in…

A big thank you to everyone who took part in our very first Winter Series.  We had a total of 21 people taking part in at least one of the summer series events with Ian Spencer winning the award for taking part in the most number of events- 8 in total.  Well done Ian.   But the real winner of the series is Warren Allison who has performed across all the events and finished off with a great swim time to give him the win.  Sophie Millgate wins the ladies trophy and finished second overall – a great all rounder with some big improvements in her running, already a fantastic swimmer and now I hear the new queen of Roller Racing (see the facebook page for more on this).

Hopefully we’ll have news soon about a Summer Series too….

Position Last Name First Name Gender Total
1 Allison Warren M 123
2 Millgate Sophie F 114
3 Armstrong Glenn M 114
4 Derry Jo F 110
5 Spencer Ian M 107
6 Spavin Rob M 89
7 Hargrave Lynn F 88
8 Harris Linda F 78
9 Simpson John M 71
10 Pattinson Andrew M 45
11 Baxter Dave M 38
12 Oldfield Sally F 36
13 Sutcliffe Mike M 34
14 Wright Nick M 32
15 Allars Sarah F 29
16 Atkinson Sue F 17
17 Peacock Simon M 16
18 Hall Andrea F 16
19 Park Phillipa F 11
20 Butterworth Dan M 11
21 Reeves Wendy F 9
21 Dent Susan F 8


Top 3 Males

  1. Warren Allison
  2. Glenn Armstrong
  3. IanSpencer

Top 3 Females

  1. Sophie Millgate
  2. Jo Derry
  3. Lynn Hargrave
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