CoachMorgThe Thursday night T3 coaching sessions have been a big success – thanks to all at Tadcaster Pool for making this happen and to Morg for giving his time to launch the activity.
As such we have decided to continue the coaching offered by Coach Morg on a weekly basis.

We will have 2 lanes reserved each Thursday evening.  One session will run from 8-9pm and another 9-10pm.

Participants will pay their normal entry fees to the pool either through direct debit, pre pay, Tadcaster Leisure Centre or pay on the door. The maximum participants is sixteen for each hour – so thirty two in total.

Morg has set up booking slots in his “mindbodyonline” application to allow us to book and schedule the coaching slots.  The sessions described are for Developing Triathletes and T3 Sub 8 Triathletes – the first group training from 8pm until 9pm and the second group from 9pm until 10pm. Each group has a maximum number of sixteen participants which Morg will control by limiting the number of places available on the “mindbody” application. As this will be a session specific booking participants will only pay for the sessions they can attend.

The new sessions commence this coming Thursday – 24th March. 



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