Its not a Duathlon – its a Pie-athlon.   You’ll still need your bike and your trainers – but we’ve added in an extra element to the race – the Festive Mince Pie.  On entry into the Transition Area after the first run athletes must follow in the likes of Jonathan Brownlee standing in a penalty box – but this time a Mince Pie must be consumed (or suitable alternative if you really don’t like them)  Your race will continue once the mince pie has been consumed…  On returning from the bike leg its back into the Penalty Box for one more Mince Pie before the final run of the event…  No Mince Pie = 15 second penalty…

Date:  Sunday 17th December 2pm

Location:  Bramham Pavilion

Distance:  RUN 2km   BIKE 8km  RUN 1KM

Entries on the British Triathlon website.

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