As the race season approaches a session will be held to practice the fourth discipline of triathlon, transitions.

The session will be held on Wed 20 Apr at 7pm by the Tadcaster bus station. There are car parks either side of the footbridge for anyone who is driving.

We will cover the following aspects of transitions:

  • The rules
  • Kit required (and what you don’t need…)
  • Bike mounting and dismounting
  • And for the brave, mounting the bike with shoes attached…

You will need the following – Bike, bike shoes (if worn), helmet and running shoes.  Addition kit such as a number belt, sunglasses or a wetsuit(!) can also be brought along to practice with.

The session should last no longer than an hour and the pool will then be open from 8:30 for the dolphins in the group.

Any questions please ask.



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