Bank Holiday Monday 5th May 2014

  • Swim 400m Pool
  • Bike 14k
  • Run 7k

The bike takes a rural route towards the villages of Boston Spa and Bramham before returning to Tadcaster. The run follows the road to Newton Kyme along a tarmac path by the road where it turns back towards Tadcaster on an unsurfaced footpath along the river bank.

This is an ideal race for beginners looking for a short distance race without the extra challenge of open water or experienced triathletes who are looking for an early season warm up event.

The event will be a fund raiser for Tadcaster community pool if you would like to help raise funds to maintain the Community Swimming Pool which is run as a charity click here to e-mail Chris at the pool.

Please note that the transition area will be in Coors Brewery car park to avoid the right turns on the old course.

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