A really great turnout for the Time Trial – well done for everyone who took part. Don’t stop there – why not challenge yourself over the winter – try to do at least one timed swim each month and see how your times improve. There is a sheet up on the T3 noticeboard where you can post your times each month and see how they compare from month to month…

All the results are now in – here’s the final standings and points for the series. If there is anyone I’ve missed off – then let me know and I’ll add you in…

Position Name Time Points
1st Glenn Armstrong 05:48 20
2nd Sophie Millgate 06:17 19
3rd Sally Oldfield 06:36 18
4th Lynn Hargrave 06:40 17
5th Mike Sutcliffe 06:54 16
6th Rob Spavin 07:02 15
7th Nick Wright 07:04 14
8th Warren Alison 07:09 13
9th Andrew Pattinson 07:18 12
10th Dan Butterworth 07:40 11
11th John Simpson 07:57 10
12th Ian Spencer 08:10 9
13th Jo Derry 08:27 8
14th Linda Harris 08:36 7

Next event is the Park Run – your chance to take part in a park run of your choosing – I’ve also been asked if it could be extended over 2 weeks – so I’ll be extra kind – you can choose any Park Run (York, Wetherby, Leeds etc) either this Saturday or next and post your times here…


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