Does anyone want to attend a Free* one day workshop on

Social Media & Marketing Course

This will really help with promoting the club events in the future – and should be quite a fun course to go on.



The one day workshop is aimed at those people responsible for promoting events, with the objective of helping them achieve more race registrations by using social media effectively. The workshop is based on experience gained with many events over the last few years, and is practical and hands on. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of how to harness the power of social media, a blueprint or their own next steps and information on a series of tools which will save time, maximising the event organiser’s resource.



47% of Triathlon England’s events run with fewer than 250 athletes. This represents a huge growth opportunity for overall race starts. Generally these events are run on a part-time basis by club enthusiasts who are time-poor are often don’t have the skills or knowledge to market the events to a wider audience.

The opportunity is to train delegates from the clubs to understand how they can build a strong social media presence, market the event effectively and then direct prospective athletes to a website that converts that interest into a race registration.


One day weekend workshops, with between 10 and 20 delegates, covering:

•             Setting objectives for race registrations

•             Two case studies

•             The two steps – interest and signing up

•             Social media as a marketing platform

•             Drilling down into Facebook, Twitter and the other platforms

•             Tools you can use to make it easier and faster

•             Creating buzz around the event

•             Using your audience and club members effectively

•             Finding your target audience on social media

•             Other methods for marketing the event

•             Converting interest to a race registration

•             Your website – what happens when people get there?

•             What makes a good events website?

•             Creating buzz on race day


* Club will pay for the entry fee (providing you are able to promote our club events during the year)



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