T3 are organising a series of mini duathlons over the Winter.  Each one is slightly different, and they are all being held at the Bramham Sports Pavilion.   The first one is on Sunday 19th November at 2pm.

Primarily the races are aimed at people that are new to multi-sport and would like to ‘dip their toe’ before committing themselves to a larger event. The emphasis is on trying it out rather than being too competitive. Having said that if you want to try to catch the guy in front, then go for it.

If you are a club athlete and want to use these races as some pre-season training then that’s fine. The bike lap is only 7.5k so you can do it all twice if you wish. A good Sunday afternoon brick session.

There are 3 races in the short series of winter duathlons:

Sunday 19th November – GO TRI Bramham Duathlon   (2km Run, 7.5km Bike, 1 km Run)

Sunday 17th December – GO TRI Bramham Pie-athlon (Mince Pie, 2km Run, Mince Pie, 7.5km Bike, Mince Pie, 1 km Run)

Sunday 21st January – GO TRI Bramham Duathlon (2km Run, 15km Bike, 2km Run)

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