Another Club Race and another very wet day!  We aren’t having much look with the weather on the events recently – but people keep turning up!!  6 turned up for the race to brave the cold and wet weather – well it was our Brass Monkey Aquathlon – so there was a clue in the title.  It lived up to its name – it was wet and then got wetter when we got out the pool!

A 500m swim, followed by a 5km run – nothing like a good blast on a winters day to get you going!    Definitely an event we’ll have again – as its nice and easy to organise!  Swim – jump out the pool – 5km out and back run out towards Newton Kyme – high fiving people along the way – back for a mince pie and a hot drink!  Sorted!

Didn’t get split times but the overall results are:

1st Glenn Armstrong 27:45

2nd Rob Spavin 30:48

3rd Warren Allison 30:50

4th Linda Harris 34:50

5th Lynne Hargrave 34:53

6th Ian Spencer 38.45


Well done everyone who took part – I know the date clashed with a lot of other things going on – I’m sure we’ll have more out next time….

Next events on the calendar are the Brass Monkey Half Marathon and the Club Winter Duathlon at the end of January….watch this space…


(Apologies for the image of people running in their speedos – that ones just for Ian!)

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