Winter Running League

A Winter’s Trail – The Tadcaster T3 Triathlon Winter Trail Running Series

What is this all about?

During the winter months, we will be running a trail running league to give us all a bit of extra motivation to get out there whatever the weather during November to March.

What is the format?

The league will be a mixed format on a fixed trail route.

The league will kick off with a “scratch race” in November to record a baseline time for everyone.

Once a month, you will send in your best timed runs on the route.  You can run this on your own at any point during the month or you could organise an informal get together with a few club members.

These results will be used to develop a time handicap which will be used for a final race in March.

When will the runs take place?

The runs will happen on these dates during winter of 2016/17:

  1. Scratch Race – 10am on Sunday, 6th November 2015 from the Rockingham Arms, Towton

We will set people off at intervals and time the results.

  1. Self-timed runs
  2. Any time during December 2016
  3. Any time during January 2017

iii.            Any time during February 2017

  1. Grand Final race – March 2017 (date TBA) from the Rockingham Arms, Towton

What is the route?

The route is a tad under 10k on a mix of mainly good trails with some tarmac sections and some mud thrown in (completely free of charge).  In winter weather parts of it may be challenging under foot.

For this series, we have picked a route based upon the Battlefield Trail near Towton but with a Northern loop that crosses Cock Beck and goes up to Chantry Lane and Wingate Hill above Stutton.   This will give some hill climbing and descending practice.     There is a route description at the end of this note.    We will also e-mail a link to the route on Garmin Connect or put a link on the T3 website.

The organised runs (Scratch Race and Grand Final Race) will start and finish just at the start of the trail near the Rockingham Arms, Towton.

The self-timed runs

You can pick your start/finish at any point on the loop.    So, if you are coming from Tadcaster, you could access the route from Wingate Hill/Chantry Lane.

Please e-mail your times to by the end of the month.

Who are the runs open to?

The runs are for club members and only club members will be scored.

In fact, all club members will be automatically enrolled into the Winter Series and a league table generated

Potential new members are welcome to come along for a test run to see if they like what the club is all about but after that we’d really rather like them to join up !


Each member will get a score each month. These will be added up over the 5 months to generate a league.

There are 3 things that contribute to the score:  (1) joining in each month; (2) relative position each month; (3) improvement on your personal best.  It will work on these lines:

  1. Points are awarded each month based on the times recorded that month and a league table will be kept. We will put this on the noticeboard and the website.
  2. If you record a time with us in each month, you will score 5 points.
  3. In each month, the fastest runner is awarded 10 points, the second 9 and so on with the tenth fastest runner scoring the last single point. DOUBLE points will apply for the last race of the series.
  4. Bonus points ! Each month, a runner can gain up to an additional 10 points if they better their previous Personal Best in the Series (PB).
  5. PB bonus points are allocated on a sliding scale according to how much you exceed your previous PB time. Basically, you get 1 point for every 3 seconds you take off your PB up to a maximum of 10 points.

Although it won’t effect the scoring, the Grand Final race will also use a time handicap system to try and set up some good racing and a close finish.

Help Needed !

If you would like to help out on the day of the races, then please contact

14th October 2015





T3 – Winter’s Trail – Route Description

Distance: ~10km.    Ascent:   ~200 m

START:   Old London Road, Towton.

Take the Old London Road from Towton (tarmac track down the side of the Rockingham Arms) (West) past a few houses to some barns or farm buildings joining the bottom of the Battlefield Trail.  The route starts/finishes where the tarmac ends and the mud begins!

START your watch and HEAD STRAIGHT ON up the muddy track.

After a right hand bend and short climb past a Battlefield information board CONTINUE STRAIGHT ON and along a narrow track between two fields leading downhill to Cock Beck (DO NOT TURN LEFT past the metal gate onto the main battlefield trail).   CAREFUL it can be pretty muddy in certain conditions here.

Cross over Cock Beck (there is a bridge!) and head straight up the hill on the track.  Go past the quarry entrance and continue straight up the track and join the tarmac road at some stone blocks.  TURN RIGHT and continue to head up the road to Wingate Hill.

After the first house on the left,  TURN LEFT at the junction and join the main track (Chantry Lane) and continue up a slight rise.  [If you are descending a hill, you’ve missed the turning]

The trail levels off and then descends past a wood on your right down to a couple of cottages on the left.  Take the left turn just before the cottages and head uphill.   This track will bring you back around in a loop to the stone blocks and the route to Cock Beck.

Ignore the first right turn but continue straight on until you see the stone blocks again where you will TURN RIGHT and re-tracing your steps will descend back down to Cock Beck.   Watch your footing again !

Cross the bridge and climb back up the narrow trail and re-trace your steps back to the Rockingham Arms.   TURN RIGHT at the main road and join the pavement in front of the pub.

Continue on the pavement through Towton and TURN FIRST RIGHT onto the B1217.     Keep right and take care and watch for oncoming traffic.

At the corner of the first field on your right, join the grassy trail that runs parallel to the fence and follow this uphill to the layby and the stone “Battlefield Cross” by another information board.

TURN RIGHT to join a broad track along the Battlefield Trail and now follow this broad undulating track for ~ 2km.   You will pass more information boards about the Battle of Towton as the trail keeps to the edge of the moor.  Eventually the track bends 90 degrees round to your right and goes up a slight incline and there is a metal gate across the track. Bear right here back towards Towton village and re-trace your steps back to the finish at the end of the muddy track.

Don’t forget to STOP your watch !