Month: April 2015

Tadcaster Triathlon


Less than a week to go until the Tadcaster Triathlon.

Start times are now available on the PDS website

Looks like we have quite a few from the club entered – these are the names I’ve spotted so far.

Glenn Armstrong
Dave Baxter
Lynne Hargrave
Ian Hemingway
Oliver Leonard
Sophie Millgate
Joanne Derry
Ian Spencer

I’m sure there are more – add your name to the list if I’ve missed you.
Good luck everyone…

Thursday night run group


We are to restart our Thursday night run group on Thursday 23 April.

The runs will start at the pool at 7pm with a reminder that the pool is open from 8pm for lane swimming.

The runs will be ability based and open to all.  The aim is to get a bit fitter and have some fun doing it with other people.

We would really welcome those who are new to or returning to running and who would like benefit from training with like-minded people.

See you there!

Training Day 1km TT Challenge


The results are in!!  Well done everyone!!

TT Times – York Sport Village 1km Cycle Circuit

19.04.15 – Windy!

Linda 02:10.78

Claire 02:17.98

Sophie 01.59.83

Lynn 01:54.54

John 01:45.71

Rob 01:55.67

Ronnie 01:58.23

Ian 02:01.98

Dave 01:48.21

Jo 01:52.47

Ed 01:45.80

Ian S 01:46.62

Warren 01:44.55

Oliver 01:35.47

Nick 01:40.29