Turbo 11 – Cassette Double Pyramid

Develops sustained climbing strength and pacing

Duration: 53-57 mins

Warm Up
10 mins – Easy Spinning in small chainring

Main Set
33 mins of effort – set your trip computer to zero
Select a gear (39 x 25). Ride quite hard
Every minute shift up 1 gear all the way through the block.
By the time you’re at the 12t – you’ll be barely turning the cranks
Work your way back up the block to 25t.
How far did you cover? Try to beat it next time.

Cool Down
10 mins – Easy Spinning

Turbo 10 – Stairway to Heaven

Building Hill Strength & mental Toughness

Duration: 42 mins

Warm Up
10 mins – Easy Spinning in small chainring

Main Set
3 x 6 mins + 2 min Recovery

3 mins – Big chainring – moderate sprocket – Ride moderately hard
2 mins – Shift up 2 gears – keep same cadence.
1 min – Shift up another 2 gears – ride hard out of the saddle
2 mins – Small Chainring – Spin Easy

Repeat 3,2,1 with more resistance + 2 mins Recovery
Repeat 3,2,1 with even more resistance + 2 mins recovery

Cool Down
10 mins – Easy Spinning

Turbo 9 – Recovery Session

Recovery Session – use with your ipod on shuffle!

Duration: 55 mins

Warm Up
15 mins – Easy Spinning in small chainring

Main Set
Put your playlist on shuffle
Work at chosen intensity for the duration of track
Rest for a given interval (30s – 60s)
Repeat for 20-45 mins

Cool Down
10 mins – Easy Spinning

Turbo 8 – Killer Strength Session

Killer Session to designed to replicate a hill session or strength work.

Duration: 60 mins

Warm Up
5 mins – Easy Spinning in small chainring
10 mins – increase gear ratio each 2 mins

Main Set
30 x
1 min – Biggest Gear – Cadence 60 or lower
1 min – Normal Cadence

10 min – decrease gear ratio each 2 mins.

Cool Down
5 mins – Easy Spinning

Turbo 7 – Single Leg Drills

Technique session to develop a smooth even pedal stroke.
Can be used as an extended warm up.

Duration: 26 mins

Warm Up
5 mins – Easy Spinning in small chainring

Main Set
1 min – clip out weaker leg and rest on stool.
Pedal 1 legged, shifting down to maintain 80-100rpm
Focus on dead spot at bottom of pedal stroke.
(Imagine scraping mud off your shoe)
1 min – Spin with both legs
1 min – Repeat with other leg
1 min – Spin with both legs
1 min – Single Leg – Concentrate on top of pedal stroke
(imagine throwing the knee over the handlebars and by
pushing the toes forward in the shoes)
1 min – Spin with both legs
1 min – Repeat with other leg
1 min – Spin with both legs

Cool Down
5 mins – Easy Spinning

Turbo 6 – Threshold Booster

This session is designed to raise lactate threshold and your ability to perform near it.

Duration: 41 – 65 mins

Warm Up
5 mins – spinning while increasing gearing/resistance
5 mins – 10s sprint, 50s recovery

Main Set
3 – 6 x 5 mins with 3 min recoveries:
5 mins – Big Chainring – Hard (15beats below max HR)
3 mins – Small Chainring – spin easy

Cool Down
10 mins – Easy Spinning



DURATION: 1:25hrs
This is a really challenging session that’s a good
progression once you’ve put in a consistent block
of the 2 x 20min sweet-spot intervals. The main
benefit is once again raising your functional
threshold, but it also forces your body to
‘recover’ from a harder effort while still working
at a non-recovery pace. Fatigue will build though
the sets but, if you pace accurately, they are
manageable, just. It’ll teach you an intrinsic
feel for above and below your threshold, which,
on race day, is invaluable.

WARM-UP: 20 mins.

Use a similar gear and resistance as for the sweet-spot Intervals,
but you might need to knock it up a notch for the harder minutes.

10mins alternating Zone 3 / Zone 5
1min Zone 3 (75-84% FTP/83-94% LTHR)
1min Zone 5 (105-120% FTP/105% + LTHR).

5mins easy spinning recovery.

Repeat to complete 4 x 10min criss-cross blocks.

10mins easy spin

Turbo 4: LEG SPEED


DURATION: 56mins
This leg speed session will facilitate recovery,
give your legs some zip back and help to develop
a smooth and efficient pedalling technique. This
session is also an ideal one to do on rollers.

WARM-UP: 20 mins.
Heart rate and/or power should remain low (Zone 1) throughout the
majority of the workout.

2 x
3mins at 100rpm
2mins at 105rpm
1min at 110rpm
30secs at 120rpm
15secs at 130rpm
15secs spinning as fast as you can without bobbing in the saddle
2mins at 90rpm
15secs spinning as fast as you can
15secs at 130rpm
30secs at 120rpm
1min at 110rpm
2mins at 105rpm

COOL-DOWN: 10mins easy spin.

Turbo: Warm Up


Before embarking on any Turbo sessions, be sure to warm up as follows…

DURATION: 20mins
A decent warm-up is essential to prepare you both physically and mentally. Work
though this routine as part of each session. Select a medium gear and a light
resistance. Focus on maintaining a smooth and even pedal stroke. If you don’t
feel as though your legs are spinning freely, drop the gearing and resistance. By
the end, you should have a good sweat on but your legs shouldn’t feel at all fatigued.

0-4mins 90rpm
4-6mins 95rpm
6-8mins 100rpm
8-9mins 105rpm
9-10mins 110rpm
10-12mins 90rpm
12-15mins 10secs maximal seated sprint > 50secs 90rpm
15-16mins 95rpm
16-17mins 100rpm
17-17.5mins 120-130rpm
17.5-18mins 130rpm+
18-20mins 90rpm



DURATION: 59mins-1:15hrs
Winter is a great time to include some strength
work in your training, but that doesn’t have to
mean heading to the gym. This session is the
perfect way to build some cycle-specific strength
work into your training. Perform the efforts in
your race position to get maximum benefits and
to really challenge the muscles of your core and
glutes. This workout will also deliver a VO2 and
functional threshold-raising hit, but does require
at least 48 hours recovery.

WARM-UP: 20 mins

MAIN SESSION: 4-6 x 5mins at 60-65rpm.
Select a gear and resistance that just allows you to hold
60-65rpm; don’t worry about power or HR. It’ll
feel like cycling through treacle, but try to keep
it smooth. Emphasise scraping through at the
bottom of the stroke and avoid excessive tension
or rocking in your upper body.
3mins easy spin recovery between intervals.

COOL-DOWN: 10mins easy spin.



DURATION: 1:15hrs
If you only do one turbo session regularly
through the winter, do this one. The so-called
‘sweet spot’ found at the upper end of Zone 3,
tempo, and lower end of Zone 4, threshold,
delivers good training gains, especially increases
in functional threshold, which is key to triathlon
cycling performance across all distances. The
‘sweet’ thing about it, though, is that recovery
time from workouts at this intensity is minimal,
so they’re easy to slot into your schedule and
complement base work really well.

WARM-UP: 20 mins

MAIN SESSION: 2 x 20mins at ‘sweet spot’
(84-95% FTP or 94-95% LTHR). Select a gear
and resistance that allows you to hold 90-
100rpm. You should have to concentrate to
maintain the intensity, but it shouldn’t feel too
hard. Remember FTP or LTHR is the intensity
you should be able to sustain for an hour and
you’re working below that. 5mins easy spin
recovery between the two efforts.

COOL-DOWN: 10mins easy spin.

Turbo 1 – Quad Killer

10min steady ride.

Main session
4 x 8min intervals, increasing effort and pace every 2mins so the final 2mins are at a strong maximal effort. As you increase effort through the interval, decrease your cadence while increasing resistance by either changing gear or increasing the level on the turbo. For example, 90rpm-80rpm-70rpm-60rpm. Spin easy with high cadence for 2mins between repeats.

10mins easy, high cadence.