Glenn Armstrong

glenn armstrong
Hi I’m Glenn. I’ve been competing in triathlons for almost 20 years, organised a number of corporate and junior events, but this is my first time as a chair on a club. Looking forward to getting a local club formed and getting more people into the sport. I’m also on the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Committee and assist with coaching at Wakefield Junior Triathlon club, where my two daughters currently train.


Ian Spencer

I have had an interest in triathlon for many years having done my first one in the late 90s and have completed all distances including Ironman . Being distinctly average at everything I’m employing the get old to get better results method of improvement and I’m really enthused to be getting involved with a group after many years of training on my own.


Nick Wright

Like many people, I came to triathlon relatively late. I have always been a keen sportsman and have had a go at most things, whilist enjoying most success in rugby union and yacht racing. A combination of age and a young family brought those to an end in my late 30s, which left a void to fill. So, I started road cycling and found that I was reasonably strong and really liked it but was unsure if it would completely fulfill my competitive urge and need for variety in my sport. So 2 years ago, having previously seen the Tadcaster Sprint Tri take place where I live I decided to enter. I haven’t looked back. I really enjoy the variety of training and find the sheer number and accesibility of events makes them manageable around home life, but what’s surprised me most is the camaraderie between triathletes of all abilities, whether training or racing. For what is mostly an individual sport there is a real sense of being part of a wider family, and it doesn’t stop there – the events are very family friendly too and a fun day out for all. I’m sure that this is an experience shared by many and will continue to draw people to the sport. It’s great to be involved in a local club and help it grow.

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Jo Derry

Jo Derry


Lynne Hargrave

Tadcaster resident with a swimming background who has been doing triathlon for a couple of years now. I particularly like sprint distance and am yet to be persuaded to try a standard distance event. Keen to get a local triathlon club up and ‘running’ to meet other local triathlon enthusiasts and train with others rather than alone.

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Sophie Millgate


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Andrew Pattinson

Andrew Pattinson

Hi, I have been competing in triathlon for 10 years after first taking the plunge at the Tadcaster triathlon in 2004. Since then got hooked and have done most distances including Ironman. Personally I find the people involved in triathlon tend to be more friendly than in other sports. This may be because most of us are not expert at all 3 disciplines – you soon learn humility as you are overtaken by the people you just passed!

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Glenn Armstrong

glenn armstrong
As well as the chair – I’m also the one putting this website together – hope you like it!

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