Month: October 2017

T3 Presentation Night

Its our end of year social on Sunday 3rd December at Everything Good Goes at 5.00pm

Same format as last year – with a short AGM, presentation of club awards, followed by pizza’s, brownies and probably a bit of drinking too!

We want your pictures and stories from 2017.  So if you have any pictures send them across to Sophie on WhatsApp.

Tickets only £5 per person.   Partners and Children welcome.


Winter’s Trail Running League 2017-18

You’ll be delighted to know that the Winter’s Trail running league will start again in November 2017 !

For those not yet initiated in the joys of our cross-country running challenge, the idea is to pep up your winter training with a running challenge and see if you can improve over the winter and have a bit of competition into the bargain.

You need to record one time each month (November, December, January and February).  These can be solo, self-timed efforts or you can join up with some clubmates – it’s up to you.

The route has not changed.  Its the joyous and undulating 10km-ish off-road route starting from Old London Road, Towton with about 500ft of climb on a variety of surfaces (can be muddy at times around Cock Beck).

The route is on Strava and you can get the route by searching “T3 Winter’s Trail” or at

Any questions on the route, let me know via the Club WhatsApp group but a brief description is at the end of this post.

Whilst the following dates are entirely optional, we do like to get a group together for the first and last run in the series.     The dates for these are as follows:

First run (the “scratch” race): 10am Sunday 5th November 2017.

Last run (the “pursuit” race): 10am Sunday 4th February 2018.

Please put those dates in your diary as the more we get out the faster we all tend to run!

On those dates we will meet up at the start  near the Rockingham Arms in Towton.    From the pub car park, take the lane immediately on your left down to the barns.  This is known as “Old London Road” – you can Google it.    The start and finish line is where the tarmac ends and the Battlefield Trail begins.

What you need to do:

Get out there and run the course once (or more) each month (November, December, January and February) and send me your time via the WhatsApp group.   Your first time will act as your baseline for this year’s series.

We will keep a league table and update it on the website each month.    We will post the times for each month and keep a league table on the club website.     The league table works by awarding points each month based on your overall standing in the pecking order but also for improving your time during the series.

For the speedsters out there, there are also points for breaking the Club Course Records (Jo Derry with 47m33s and Glenn Armstrong with 41m20s).

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday 5th November (but expect wind and rain if previous years are anything to go on!).



The route is made of 2 loops.  From the start on Old London Road, head up the trail on a gentle ascending gradient.  Just after where the track levels out the main trail turns left BUT you continue straight on and duck down a narrow track to Cock Beck. Cross the Beck on the the foot bridge and climb up passing  the quarry and emerge onto the tarmac lane by some concrete blocks.  Turn right to climb up some more to Wingate Hill.  Just after the top, descend a bit and turn sharp left onto Chantry Lane and follow this down to the cottages. Take a sharp left in front of the cottages and up a short climb.     Follow the trail to join a  tarmac lane.  Turn left and follow the lane until you get back to the concrete blocks where  you turn right back down to Cock Beck and retrace your route to the  start.     By the time you get back to the start, you’ll be delighted to know that you haven’t finished but need to tackle the second loop.   Continue to the Rockingham Arms, turn right on the pavement, run through Towton and take the first right turn on the B1217.   There is a short section on the road before you join the Battlefield Trail by the fence on the field boundary.  You climb up following the fence line to the Stone Cross (for safety reasons, use the track by the fence and not the road please).  At the Stone Cross, turn right to continue on the marked Battlefield Trail and follow this broad undulating route all the way back to the start/finish.

GO TRI Bramham Duathlon

T3 are organising a series of mini duathlons over the Winter.  Each one is slightly different, and they are all being held at the Bramham Sports Pavilion.   The first one is on Sunday 19th November at 2pm.

Primarily the races are aimed at people that are new to multi-sport and would like to ‘dip their toe’ before committing themselves to a larger event. The emphasis is on trying it out rather than being too competitive. Having said that if you want to try to catch the guy in front, then go for it.

If you are a club athlete and want to use these races as some pre-season training then that’s fine. The bike lap is only 7.5k so you can do it all twice if you wish. A good Sunday afternoon brick session.

There are 3 races in the short series of winter duathlons:

Sunday 19th November – GO TRI Bramham Duathlon   (2km Run, 7.5km Bike, 1 km Run)

Sunday 17th December – GO TRI Bramham Pie-athlon (Mince Pie, 2km Run, Mince Pie, 7.5km Bike, Mince Pie, 1 km Run)

Sunday 21st January – GO TRI Bramham Duathlon (2km Run, 15km Bike, 2km Run)

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Summer Series Results

Here are the final standings* for this years summer series.  Ian Spencer takes it for the men and Susan Parkinson for the Ladies.  Well done to everyone who took part in one or more of the events over the summer.  No time for a rest – dust off those trail shoes as the Winter Series has already begun….

SUMMER SERIES 2017 G M Points Tad Tri Reverse Tri 1 WTS Leeds Reverse Tri 2 Ripon Tri Reverse Tri 3 2-Up Castle Howard 400m Swim TT Park Run 10 Mile TT Wetherby 10k
Ian Spencer M x 138 19 20 23 20 24 25 25 21
Susan Parkinson F x 129 14 20 21 20 23 20 25
Glenn Armstrong M x 115 25 20 25 20 25
Robin Jones M x 109 7 19 23 22 20 18
Ian Preston M 98 24 25 24 25
Jo Derry F 68 22 24 22
Wendy Reeves F 68 4 23 24 17
Sophie Millgate F 54 13 22 19
Ben Jackson M 48 25 23
Andrew Pattinson M 41 17 24
Paul Hewison M 25 25
Nick Wright M 25 25
Nik Bullen Brown M 24 24
Gerald Beall M 23 23
David Parkinson M 21 21
Dave Baxter M 20 20
Simon Peacock M 20 20
Rob Spavin M x 20 0 20
Susan Dent F 19 3 16
Matt Dale M 18 18
Andy Preene M 16 16
Beverley Firth F 15 15
John Simpson M 12 12
Julie Smith F 11 11
Andrew North M 10 10
Lydia Pattinson F 9 9
Christine Clubbs F 8 8
Andrea Hall F 6 6
Donna Avery F 5 5
Lynne Hargrave F 2 2


* If there are any results I have missed off for anyone – please let me know – and I’ll get the scores updated.  Hopefully it won’t affect the Top 2 runners…

Maximum 25 points per event.  Best 6 events to count.  20 points available for helping out at an event.