Month: October 2015

Series Standings

Here are all the series standings so far…


Position Name Total Points Bramham Swim TT Park Run Winters Trail
1st Sophie Millgate  39  20  19
2nd Glenn Armstrong  36  16  20
3rd Andrew Pattinson  31  19  12
4th Ian Spencer  26  17  09
5th Dave Baxter  18  18  –
5th Sally Oldfield  18  –  18
7th Lynn Hargrave  17  –  17
8th Mike Sutcliffe  16  –  16
9th Rob Spavin  15  –  15
10th Nick Wright  14  –  14
11th Warren Alison  13  –  13
12th Dan Butterworth  11  –  11
13th John Simpson  10  –  10
14th Jo Derry  8  –  08
15th Linda Harris  7  –  07



Swim Time Trial Results

A really great turnout for the Time Trial – well done for everyone who took part. Don’t stop there – why not challenge yourself over the winter – try to do at least one timed swim each month and see how your times improve. There is a sheet up on the T3 noticeboard where you can post your times each month and see how they compare from month to month…

All the results are now in – here’s the final standings and points for the series. If there is anyone I’ve missed off – then let me know and I’ll add you in…

Position Name Time Points
1st Glenn Armstrong 05:48 20
2nd Sophie Millgate 06:17 19
3rd Sally Oldfield 06:36 18
4th Lynn Hargrave 06:40 17
5th Mike Sutcliffe 06:54 16
6th Rob Spavin 07:02 15
7th Nick Wright 07:04 14
8th Warren Alison 07:09 13
9th Andrew Pattinson 07:18 12
10th Dan Butterworth 07:40 11
11th John Simpson 07:57 10
12th Ian Spencer 08:10 9
13th Jo Derry 08:27 8
14th Linda Harris 08:36 7

Next event is the Park Run – your chance to take part in a park run of your choosing – I’ve also been asked if it could be extended over 2 weeks – so I’ll be extra kind – you can choose any Park Run (York, Wetherby, Leeds etc) either this Saturday or next and post your times here…

A Winters Trail


During the winter months, we will be running a trail running league to give us all a bit of extra motivation

to get out there whatever the weather during November to March.

First Race:

10am on Sunday, 8th November 2015

from the Rockingham Arms, Towton

View the  ‘Winters Trail’ page for more details.

Swim Time Trial

swimmingThe Winter Series continues – Event 2 – The 400m Swim TT1 starts today!

For anyone new to this, it’s all straightforward enough.

Basically, it’s your fastest 400m pool swim (well, i’m assuming it will be in a pool!), between today Monday 12th October and Sunday 25th October.

Cut off for posting times is strictly Sunday 25th October at 5 pm – no exceptions made!

Good Luck…

Bramham Park 10k

Good Luck to everyone running in tomorrows Bramham Park 10k (and 5K)

I think they’ll still be taking entries on the day if you still fancy doing it…

This is the first race in our Winter Series Event.

Even if you don’t feel quite up to doing a 10k – why not give the 5k a try – you’ll still get some series points…


(Also Snake Lane 10 entries have just opened today – click here)

Winter Series 2015

Winter Series
Winter Series

Winter Series 2015 / 2016

October 4th – Bramham Park 10k*

October 12th – 400m Swim**

October 31st – Park Run 5k (York) *

November 14th – Club Handicap Road Race – Saxton Circuit

November 29th – Club Hill Climb – Arthington Bank (Harewood)

December 13th – Club ‘Brass Monkey’ Aquathlon

December 20th – York Cyclocross *

January 17th – Brass Monkey Half Marathon *

January 31st – Club ‘Off Road’ Duathlon

February 21st – Snake Lane 10 *

March 7th – 750m Pool Swim**


* External Events

** Self Timed Pool Swim – can attempt as many times as you like over a 2 week period – post times on website / noticeboard.


Winter Series Rules

To be part of the series you must volunteer to help out with at least one of the club events.  This might be for timing or marshaling duties.

There will be 20 points awarded to the winner of each event down to 1 point for 20th place (if we had that many people taking part)

You must be a member of the club to take part in the club events.

Overall standings will be based on best 6 results from 11 events – so you don’t have to do them all.

Pool swims can be done on your own and will be based on trust – you will have 2 weeks to submit your best time.

External events may incur a cost of entry.  There will be no charge for Club Events.

Ideally I’d like to get a different person to organise each of the club events – so it’s not all left to one person to do…

Members are encouraged to bring a long a friend and introduce them into the world of triathlon and multisport.