Month: December 2014

Club Races for 2015

How about we have a Club Race for next year? There’s lots of good local events we could choose from. (Ripon, Leeds, Allerthorpe to name just a few) It would be good to nominate one race for next year – where we could try and get as many members of the club down as possible. In fact we could have our own little mini-series of events (a Sprint, an Olympic, a Middle Distance and maybe a Duathlon?). For the main Club Race I think we’ll go for an Olympic Distance event. I’m also planning to start up some low key club only events, maybe starting with a Duathlon in Feb (gives you a month to get back into training!). So get your nominations in and we’ll announce the events in January…

Was 2014 a Good Year?

Its that time of year – we should all be proud of what we have achieved whether it was your first ParkRun or a Sprint Tri or you’ve finally completed your lifelong ambition.

Now is the time to tell the world of your achievements.

Don’t be shy – don’t hold back – tell us what you’ve done – it’ll soon to be time to start thinking of “Whats Next for 2015?”.


Sunday Runs

Had a great run out around Hazlewood today. Our first real social run of the year. Probably we should make them a bit more regular? How about once a month someone picks a favourite route? Good chance to explore some new routes. Some months we could have a nice steady run like today (5:30 – 6:00 per km pace) – other months – your choice – you could go out for a bit of blast ( sub 4:30 ) for those that want to stretch there legs a bit. I’m sure we’ll get some takers whatever the pace…